Some keep dipping their feet in the river, others visit our shop regularly. 

Both stumble upon the same Heraclitan truth: You never enter the same place twice! Come discover an abundant trove of unique titles, you never know what new treasures a day may bring.

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New York book lover – are you too running out of room on your shelves? Don’t fret – whether you live in a classic 8 bedrooms smack on top of Central Park or in a hole-in-the-wall studio in east Bushwick: no one in this city has enough space


We buy & sell used & rare books, first editions & reprints, fiction & non-fiction, high-brow & low, children’s & young adults books, books in-print, out-of-print & galley proofs, books in English & other languages, scholarly books, art books & catalogues, magazines & other printed matter.


Walter Steiger       Houston Deco         Malaparte - A House Like Me         Graffiti Art - The Auction         Greater Atlanta     MASKS  
Traeger      GRAFF       SURREALISM          DONALD JUDD      BLUE PRINTS        Francis Alys - Postcards
What Remains of a Rembrandt Torn into Four Equal Pieces and Flushed Down the Toilet     benjamin       batye saar     hans ulrich obrist      plastic man     bergman


SONGBOOK        GAME OF CHESS    THE BERLINER ENSAMBLE        hollow laughter          THE NEVER KNOWN      SOLO 2 

I rarely go in looking for a specific book, as this is the charm of used bookstores, and always come out with some beautiful edition of a fairly hard-to-find book.

Morgane R., Brooklyn, NY

This place attracted me like no other. I love used bookstores. Once I enter, it usually takes me a few hours before I venture out. LOL. Its like a big black hole and I can’t get out!! But willingly so.

Vivian H., New York, NY

A used book store to rival the best… a gem of a store… walking in feels like entering a cozy reading cave, where every shelf contains something never before seen. P.S. is not to be missed in any foray down under the bridges.

Brooklyn Magazine 9/29/2014

…I never made the party but stayed in P.S. for 1.5 hours looking through some great photography technique and coffee table books. Every time I go back there’s another great book to buy

Curtis J., Brooklyn, NY

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